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Our parting gift to the Community.

Most of you will now be aware that we are taking a huge step and relocating to Cambridgeshire. We wanted to leave the Community something to remember us by. As animal lovers and a Dog Walking and Pet Services Business it had to be animal related. That's when I did some research and came across Smokey Paws Ltd, who's mission is to raise enough money through public donations, to equip every first responder in the UK with lifesaving oxygen masks.

On Thursday 22nd September Bark'n'Bound aka Kev and Deb, along with our dog Daisy, were invited to Faversham Fire Station. We were met by Chris Wheal KFRS Volunteer and Wayne Burney KFRS Crew Manager. Then we went into the Fire Station, where Wayne gave us information about the pet oxygen masks which we had donated. Chris also showed us some photos of the masks in action. Since November 2015 not only have they have been used successfully to help save pets caught in fires but also for animals caught up in RTA's or unfortunate incidents. A bit of oxygen also helps give, animals suffering from shock a boost to their system.

After that we had a tour of the Station's Pumps, which we both found really interesting. They carry so much equipment behind their compartment doors. Daisy was a little apprehensive of the noise but was very well behaved.

Before we left we had a look around their Animal Rescue Unit, which is a huge Unimog, complete with winch. Kev really loved this vehicle and had lots of questions which Wayne was able to answer. He also told us about recent emergencies which it had attended.

Finally we had our photo taken in front of the Animal Rescue Unit, with Wayne holding the set of oxygen masks. We left knowing that we had donated to a worthy cause and would be helping to save the lives of not only pets but other animals too.

For more information about Smokey Paws, please visit their website


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