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Who else is guilty of this?

On Sunday 3rd April one woman, one man, one dog and quite a bit of luggage, went on their annual holiday to Sayers House, Wisbech, St Mary. We had a great journey, stopped off to do a small food shop for a few days, then arrived at our holiday cottage by 3.00pm.

Monday morning came round and it was pretty miserable weather wise so after walking Daisy we spent the day chilling. Kev and Daisy find this difficult but me, well I have it down to a fine art.

The forecast for Tuesday was looking okay. After breakfast we ventured out in the car and drove to Boston. The traffic was kind to us and we arrived in just over an hour. There is a lovely Park in the centre of Town, even though we only visit once a year Daisy knows exactly where she's going. She started to get excited and began to pull on her lead but first we had to walk through the High Street. That's where it all started when Kev stopped off in a department store, to buy a Wok. Cue a very large bag which we then had to carry around with us. A quick visit into Wilkinson's for sandwiches, drinks and water for Daisy, then off to the Park. We settled down on a bench to eat our lunch while we played ball with Daisy.

I won't bore you with the rest of our holiday but safe to say more unnecessary purchases were made. A Veggetti (Google it if you're not familiar with the name) a ratchet and some other tools, a bathroom mat set, poo bags, a beaker for warming soup, oh and not forgetting non-stick kitchen tongs because we mustn't ruin the Wok.

We're back home after a lovely week away. Now, where am I going to put it all?


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