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Let's talk about dog poo.

I thought it was a little early to be sharing Christmas Cookie recipes for dogs so I'd blog about another subject.

As a Dog Walker something you can never have enough of is poo bags. Did you know you can collect these from your local Library free of charge? There really is no excuse to be without. It's one of the reasons that make me so cross, apart from treading in it which is something that happens more frequently this time of year.

Leaves, leaves, leaves and more leaves. Yes I am aware it's Autumn and it's a hazard that every Dog Walker has to deal with on a daily basis and under those leaves lurks dog mess. We've been quite fortunate and managed to avoid most of them but even we get caught out. It's horrible how it gets into the treads of your walking boots and nothing quite shifts it like a blast from the hose.

During half-term I joined Kev on many of his daily walks only to be stopped by a passing Policeman. He informed me that the dog I was walking had fouled the footpath. The dog hadn't stopped for a poo but had a poo while he was still walking. Of course I stopped to clear it up and apologised to the Policeman. How embarrassing would that have been to be a Dog Walker and be fined for one of your dogs fouling the footpath!

So next time you're passing your local Library pop in for some poo bags. Remember to bag it, bin it and respect the environment.


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